Management Team

We are a team of top professionals in our own fields. Nicolas graduated from ISART Digital, worked at Gameloft, teaches coding and is certified importer of Unity3D, gaming software used by professionals. Jerome was Art director for Ankama video games productions for 14 years. Jutta, a top professional in hospitality management in Vietnam. She literally founded Mui Ne- Phan Thiet – as a seaside destination – when she started Coco Beach Resort back in 1994. Pascal, who lives back in Vietnam since 1989, founded catering to expatriates & local families for their protection needs through Asia.
Together, we created this game-coding camp because we love our teenagers.

Known in Vietnam as a hospitality expert – mainly through my resort, Coco Beach Resort, which was built and managed together with my husband from 1994 until 2018. I am now the owner of a consulting firm (CHIConsultant) specialising in quality and operations management for hotels, restaurants and events. What few people know is that I am also a gamer and computer freak and very interested in anything related to the digital world. The idea to combine the learning of a new skill in technology with activities and discovery in a great destination full of nature is brilliant and I just wish my kids would still be here to join!

Jutta Arnaud – Operations Manager

I am an accomplished Art & Graphics Designer, who taught art at Sup Infocom, Pôle 3D and worked for 10 years as General Manager and Art Director at Ankama Products video games (Dofus, Krosmater, Wakfu). Nowadays I live in Saigon where I create art and deco in my studio and also teach art to children at various international schools. I am happy to be the Art Director and co-founder of JuniorDevCamp. Take note of this: “Boardgame mechanics are the basis and corner stone for the development of your future video game

Jérôme Peschard – Director artistic

I am a professional Game Designer, who graduated in 2005 from the Institute of Digital Arts in Paris. In 2006, I moved to Vietnam and participated in the first stages of the Game Development Industry by companies such as FPT Technological Department and Vinagame. Two years later, in 2008, I founded the Vietnamese chapter of the International Game Developers Association and my own company, Phuong Hoang Enix. In 2011, I moved to Dalat city with my family to enjoy a better quality of life (clean air, fresh fruits and vegetables, less stress, beautiful landscapes…). I’ve taught video games development at Yersin and Dalat Universities and am happy to be a co-founder of JuniorDevCamp.

Nicolas Leymonerie – Unity3D

My kids are gamers, especially my son. I tried everything to get them out into nature, pushed them to do sports, to connect more with friends, to have fun away from a screen… It’s so damn hard! Loving my teens and wanting to give them a chance to do what they love, I founded JuniorDevCamp and designed it to give both, parents and kids, opportunities, pleasure and satisfaction. I do hope this initiative will transform into an NGO ‘Save our screenagers

Pascal Ho Ba Dam – Founder


Thanks to all those who make Junior Dev Camp a success!

Heading Gameloft production studios in Vietnam/Southeast Asia, I am fully aware of our responsibility towards growing IT competences in order to keep producing top notch video games for international markets. I am also the father of 2, living in Ho Chi Minh city, and as such I quickly supported the idea to push teenagers ‘beyond the screens’ through JuniorDevCamp project which promote teamwork, brain challenges with coding, creative Art design, Music integration as well as outdoor activities in the natural landscapes of Dalat. The A-team gathered by Pascal Ho sealed our commitment

Sébastien Auligny – Gameloft