Junior Dev Camp is excited that your child will be attending our program in 2019. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. We hope your teen is just as excited as we are for camp to begin.

I’m ready to sign my child up for camp online, will this be secure?

Yes, as we are registered in Vietnam, most families pay by Cash or bank transfer. We use PayPal to process your payment. We will never have direct access to your credit card information; it will be safely and securely processed through PayPal. Contact us for credit card payment.

Is there a selection process to be eligible for enrolment?

No, the camp is built-in for teenagers

Do You Provide Computers?

Yes, we have rooms equipped with fixed PC. Students should bring their own laptops if they want to keep the softwares like Unity3D

we provide for free. But also music compo or social media activities could be done anywhere outside of the class rooms. If a computer is not available for the student please Contact us for options.

The computer does not need to be fast for coding; a $450 netbook or chromebook would be more than sufficient.

For Computer graphics software, more power is needed.
Here are the minimum system requirements we recommend:

What Items Should I bring to Teen Dev Camp?

  • Your passport, resident permit
  • If you have Your computer
  • 6-Day/5-Nights wear, raincoat, jacket for chill nights indoor shoes and 2 pairs sports shoes
  • Please show up on sunday at 6pm
  • Your smart phone (if you have one)
  • If any student has allergies, please bring any required medications.
  • Any type of prescribed medications, and we can assist students with medication schedules.
  • What Should I Not Bring?

    JuniorDevCamp asks that attendees please refrain from bringing the following items:

  • Over-The-Counter Medications
  • Candy
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • Expensive items not related to Junior Dev Camp
  • JuniorDevCamp will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

    What If My Child becomes sick?

    The following procedures will take place if your child becomes ill or is injured while at camp.


    Serious Injury:

  • Any healthcare or first aid/CPR will immediately be given.
  • Hoan My hospital Doctor will be notified if necessary; if not, your student will be taken to a First Aid facility.
  • Parents will be notified
  • Hoan My hospital Doctor will be notified Camper Illness or Injury report will be taken and a copy provided to parents
  • Where is JuniorDevCamp located?

    The resort where the camp Monet Garden resort 3 Nguyen Du, Dalat City,
    Lam Dong Province, Vietnam Mail: info@monetgarden.com.vn
    Phone: +84 (0) 263 3810 826

    The organizers contact are parents based in Dalat and Hochiminh City.

    Is transportation to Dalat – Monet Garden resort included?

    No, there are many ways to get to Dalat as updated by https://www.dalattrip.com Some parents may want the whole family to enjoy a weekend in Dalat before or after the Camp -for the great outdoor, organic plantations and 3 golf clubs. Take a break in this unique-in-Asia cool weather.
    Saigon/Dalat/Saigon By air (45min), bus, train, car or a combination
    Hanoi/Dalat/Hanoi by air (1h45), bus (30hr), train or a combination
    Danang/Dalat/Danang and many other air routes exist

    We expect parents arranging private cars or bus trips and to arrange airport transfers, do not hesitate to contact us or Jutta@juniordevcamp.com Why do I need to be there on Sunday? On sunday we will greet your child (and friends), give instructions, show the various activity spaces and make affinity groups based on complementary skills. The activities (coding, infographics or outdoor) start on Monday morning with affinity groups in the making at 7am breakfast. Some outdoor activities are weather sensitive’ those may be shifted around by Phat Tire adeventures

    How do I pick up my child from camp?

    The resort is a 4* hotel in Dalat always open and happy to offer parents or family preferred rates as our partners in hospitality before Sunday night and after Friday afternoon then the camp ends.

    What if I miss a day of camp or arrive late?

    If your child will be absent or arriving late, please text/call/e-mail the Camp Organizer: Jutta Arnaud Mail: jutta@juniordevcamp.com

    Phone: +84 911 53 00 99.

    Please leave a message that includes your name, phone number, and student’s name. Will I have to fill out forms? Yes. At the time of your registration, you will be emailed camp forms that are required to be turned in prior to the start of your child’s camp session. If you have not received them, please check your spam folder or contact booking@juniordevcamp.com and we will resend forms. You will be sent the following forms: Camper Information + registration + health Form

    We regret to inform you that if ALL parts of the health form are not complete; your child will not be permitted to attend Junior Dev Camp. On the last day of camp, or by arrangement, you are welcome to bring your friends and family to tour JuniorDevCamp. You will be able to see what students worked on and meet the instructors, teaching assistants and camp director.

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    HCMC: Cty An Tin: 13 street 12, Tran Nao, Q2 > Camp Organizer: Jutta Arnaud Mail: jutta@juniordevcamp.com Phone: +84 911 53 00 99 > Camp Development &

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    DALAT JuniorDevCamp: Monet Garden Resort 3 Nguyen Du, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam Mail: info@monetgarden.com.vn Phone: +84 (0) 263 3810 826