Outdoor Activities in Dalat

Dalat and its beautiful surroundings will be the backdrop to a lot of fun at Junior Dev Camp

Cau Dat Tea Farm Visit

Tea Farm. Cau Dat, around over 20km from Dalat and 1,650 metres above sea level, is the place where the Vietnamese tea industry originated, with the Dalat Cau Dat Tea Company. Tea plantations from Holland and France were planted in 1922 and the French brought in the tea processing machines. Tea trees cover 230 hectares of Cau Dat area.

High Ropes Course

The group will be divided into 2/3 teams for the High Ropes Course.
Zip Line Challenge, Monkey Bridge, Leap of Faith.

Bamboo Raft Building

Teams will be provided with Raft building materials (bamboo, twine, floating drums and life jackets). They will have 1.5 hours to design and build their own rafts which they will use to race against each other through a set course on Tuyen Lam Lake.

Razorback Trek

Students will be provided topographical maps and compasses to begin learning how to orient themselves, and navigate between 2 points. The trail will be drawn on the map and this trek serves as an introduction to land navigation. Teams should work together and give different team members and opportunity totry on the leadership role.

Langbian Abseiling

What is abseiling? Abseiling is lowering yourself over a cliff face by using ropes and other safety related devices. The cliff that we abseil off of Langbian is an impressive 25 meters high. At the practice slope you’ll learn the basics of knot tying, harness wearing, hardware, and proper abseiling technique. After the guides are satisfied that you’ve got it down, you’ll head down the Abseiling cliffs!