To my son and his dudes…

All adults know how really hard it is to connect with their loved teenagers, to get into their world and to get them excited. Working parents whatever their wealth and education level, especially when living in a city, need tremendous energy -and help- to inspire their children to discover ‘meaning of life’ and ‘jump into adulthood’.

As founder of since 1994, I am seeing soaring need for treatment of children related to behavioral disorders. This was confirmed last year, in Sep-2018 when I read about World Health Organization classifying a new 21st century man-made illness for children and adults alike:

Vladimir Pozniak

World Health Organization,
Dept of Mental health & Substance abuse.
Watch the interview

This is how with some sponsors -corporate and Individuals-, we decided to create a fund to help teenagers in need (medically or financially) pay for few hundred dollars camp fee. If it can help them find better health balance, ‘other ways of life’ or career inspiration in our JuniorDev camps far beyond the screens of video games.

If you want to receive the list of sponsors, the scholarship attribution rules/jury or participate in funding email us or gofundme

If your future teenage JuniorDev Camper wants to apply, please fill-in the questionnaire below and submit to our scholarship allocation committee.